Greyhound collar - Studded

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Greyhound collar - Studded


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Lined and stitched collar with studs, 4cm wide at the widest point and 1.6cm in front.

The lining is padded nappa leather.

The collar can be made wider or narrower if required. The current sizing is suitable for an Italian Greyhound.

The collar comes standard with silver studs and hardware.

Optional extras:
Brass studs and hardware
Matching leather tassle (Clip on)

Size Neck size
5 Adjustment holes
1 21cm to 26cm
2 27cm to 32cm
3 33cm to 38cm
4 39cm to 46cm
5 47cm to 54cm
6 55cm to 62cm
7 63cm to 70cm
8 > 70cm

How to measure your dog's neck size

Do not measure an existing collar, follow the process below to ensure the correct sizing!

The dog must be in a relaxed, standing position.

Use a flexible tape measure to measure the neck size where the collar will sit. A good position is normally in the middle and not the base of the neck. The tape measure must fit snugly, don't allow extra space.

We will align the neck measurement with the middle of five holes, which means you will have 2 adjustment holes on each side, ensuring a comfortable fit. The smaller collars have 3 adjustment holes. If your dog is still growing, leave a note and we'll align the neck measurement with the smallest setting - you can add a note when checking out.

Aligning neck size with collar size: We close the collar on the middle hole and make sure the inside measurement is the same as the neck size.

The leather collar will soften quickly, stretching a little in the process, just like a pair of leather shoes.

Collar sizing
Collar sizing

The below chart should be used as a guide only. Breed sizes are indicative and sizes can vary significantly within a breed, especially between male and female.


Point Leather Size Chart

Leather colours


Choc brown


Blue (Cats only)


Nappa lining colours







Choc brown


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