Leather harness - Small

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Leather harness - Small


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Developed for smaller dogs, the harness straps have a slim profile. They are double-layered with joints facing outwards to create a smooth and level surface against the skin.

It is a step-in harness, adjusted with a buckle and a d-ring is used for attachment to a leash. An extra d-ring in front can be used for a tag or to attach a charm.

Size Chest Measurement
1 35cm to 40cm
2 40cm to 45cm
3 45cm to 55cm
4 55cm to 65cm

How to measure your dog's chest size

The dog must be in a relaxed, standing position.

Use a flexible tape measure to measure across the chest as per the picture below. Do not allow extra space! We provide 5 adjustment holes, so there will be room for adjustment.

The leather will soften quickly, stretching a little in the process and settle around the bends, just like a pair of leather shoes.

Harness sizing

Leather colours


Choc brown





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