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Leather Dog Collar

Studded leather lined collar

38mm Wide thick leather collar with spikes and leather lining. The lining is wider than the collar, creating a strong contrast with the top colour. Colours used here are tan and black. The overall thickness of the collar is 6mm.

We can add a name and number to the collar. Different stud options or patterns are available. Create your own colour combination for a truely unique collar.

Consider a thick rope lead with matching leather trim with this statement collar.

This collar is ideal for larger dogs.

Collar sizes

Standard colours

How to measure

We use this measurement to ensure that the neck size aligns with the middle hole for a perfect fit.



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Caring for your leather collar  

Point Leather's Leatherfood will restore, seal and protect your collar. It is an all natural product containing bees wax and oils.

Leather polish

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We are a proudly South African studio, using locally sourced leather, especially our unique ostrich and springbok leathers. All our products are handcrafted to the highest standard of craftmanship - standard range or bespoke.


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