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We love leather, dogs, bags and design and bring you a collection of artisanal bags and dog collars. We embrace the challenge to develop custom products and to explore new techniques, so talk to us if you need something special!

Custom Leather Projects

Talk to us if you need something special! Our instagram account has some more examples.

Our Story

It all started in 2010 on a visit to Leeds Castle in Kent, UK. Hidden in the outbuildings of the castle was a dog collar museum; this was such an unexpected delight! Even though I've always been a dog lover, I've never really paid much attention to dog collars. It all changed during this visit as I realised that a good dog collar, apart from its functionality, is an expression of the owner's love and care.

About 5 years later we've adopted Jesse, an English Pointer, and she very quickly became the centre of our lives. I wanted to buy her a nice leather collar and have tried a few local ones, but they never lasted long and so I ordered one from the USA. This collar was a good choice as it could withstand a swim in the dam and rolling in mud and still look good after cleaning and polishing it.

Following a course in leather craft I started making dog collars amongst other things. Point Leather was born with Jesse featuring in our logo. Since then our range has grown steadily and we now also focus on showcasing our uniquely South African springbok and ostrich leathers in a range of luxury accessories and bags. In between, we've completed many custom orders, ranging from hunting accessories to interior decor items. The journey is ongoing and every new request is a challenge to explore the limits of leather!

It gives me so much pleasure to make the collars and see the happiness it brings to dog owners. Every dog deserves a nice collar!


Dog collarsDog collar museum, Leeds Castle in Kent

Custom leather collars


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We are a proudly South African studio, using locally sourced leather, especially our unique ostrich and springbok leathers. All our products are handcrafted to the highest standard of craftmanship - standard range or bespoke.


  • Hand-stitched leather bags
  • Leather dog collars, leads and harnesses
  • Leather cat collars
  • Custom leather projects


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