Leather cat collars


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Express your cat's style with our luxurious leather cat collars.

Crafted in an array of colors and styles, our collars are designed to add a touch of luxury to your pet's attire.

Each collar is customized with your cat's name and a number. Furthermore, you can choose between a safety breakaway or conventional buckle or our own O-ring collars that is fitted with a ball stud that will release under tension.

Leather Cat Collars

Lined leather cat collar

Nappa leather cat collar

Thin leather cat collar

Cat collar with O-ring (Out of stock)

Cat collar with O-ring - Narrow (Out of stock)

AirTag collar for cats - slim profile

AirTag collar for cats

Smart tag 2 collar for cats

Leather cat collar

Cat Collar and Bowtie Combos

Lined collar with O-ring and bowtie (Out of stock)

Lined collar with bowtie

Thin leather collar with bowtie

Leather Cat Harness