Leather dog collars


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We make collars for all breeds and sizes, from miniature dogs to giant breeds.

Available styles are lined and double-layered collars, studded, martingale, AirTag and rolled leather collars. Choose your style and choose the colour.

Collars are personalised with a name and number that are either laser engraving or stamped onto the leather.

Lined Collars

Lined collar

Narrow lined collar

Quick-release lined collar

Classic Double-Layered Collars

Double-layered collar with D-ring - 19mm

Double-layered collar with D-ring - 25mm

Double-layered collar with D-ring - 32mm

AirTag Dog Collars

AirTag collar for dogs

AirTag collar for dogs - 25mm

AirTag collar for dogs - Extra wide

Greyhound Collars

Greyhound collar - Double-layered

Greyhound collar - Lined

Martingale-style greyhound collar

Studded Leather Collars

Bold leather studded collar

Studded collar - 32mm

Studded collar - 25mm

Studded collar - 19mm

Martingale-style collar 32mm

Puppy and Miniature Dog Collars

Leather collar with hearts

Slim profile diamante leather collar

Rolled Leather Collars

Slim profile rolled leather collar - nappa

Slim profile rolled leather collar

Chunky rolled leather collar

Flat rolled leather collar

Martingale or Half-check Collars

Martingale half-check collar

Why use a martingale collar?

A martingale collar is an excellent option for dogs that tend to pull or slip out of regular collars. It's designed to fit loosely on the dog's neck but tightens when the dog pulls, providing additional control.

Other reasons making them a great choice for everyday use are they're often used in training, are easy to put on and take off and they're stylish!

Most of our styles can be customised as a martingale collar.

Custom Collars

Custom Collars

We make custom leather collars!

We make a diverse range of leather collars, where creativity knows no bounds! Whether you prefer the simplicity of plain leather, the classic elegance of rolled leather, or the edgy charm of studded collars, we have it all. These collars are not limited by type; be it hunting, lurcher, or training, we can customize them to your specifications.

You can add a personal touch by stamping or engraving your pet's name onto the collar. For a touch of sophistication, we also offer laser engraving of family crests or monograms.

We're here to cater to your specific needs, whether you have a small or large dog. Let us design a collar that perfectly fits your requirements and showcases your pet's individuality.

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